List of sueno shortcode:

Masonry Portfolio

  • shortcode: sueno_masonry
    args: col, cat, max, space.

    • col: is the number of column. Possible values “3” or “4”, default “3”.
    • cat: category name of images to display, default “”.
    • max: number maximum of images to display, default “12”.
    • space: space between columns, default “10”

Double Box

  • shortcode: sueno_double_box
    args:image, bg, color, size, image_position

    • image: image id, default “”
    • bg: background color, default “#ffffff”
    • color: text color, default “#000000”
    • size: text font size, default “24”
    • image_position: position of image, possible values “left” or “right”, default “left”.

Call to Action

  • shortcode: sueno_call_to_action
    args: bg, color, size.

    • bg: color background.
    • color: text color, default “#ffffff”.
    • size: font size text, default “24”.


  • shortcode: sueno_carousel
    args: post_per_page, order_by, post_type, cat.

    • number:number of post to display, default “6”
    • post_type: Slug of post type, default “post”
    • cat: name of posts category, defalult all categories

Social Link

  • shortcode: sueno_social